New stand up material

I had a ball last night at Soho Theatre’s Abnormally Funny People’s comedy night. It was rammed and also subtitled live (a brilliant thing – and there were heaps of deaf people there to enjoy it. More comedy subtitles please!).

I tested new material for the first time. I performed narrative, character comedy instead of a sequence of jokes. And it was a bit technically difficult to pull off too. I was secretly worried beforehand. But it all went according to plan. Yahoo! I have no more gigs lined up at present. Oh. But you can catch me in my kids play this summer.

Meanwhile here’s a blurry dressing room pic of me and two of the other comedians. They were ace. Tanyalee Davis does a terrific line in rock n roll-style Las Vegas gags.

Penny Pepper, Tanyalee Davis and Sophie Woolley
Penny Pepper, Tanyalee Davis and Sophie Woolley

Sophie Woolley performing onstage at Soho Theatre

The Pale Blue Door

Went to a brilliant restaurant-as-art-installation last night called The Pale Blue Door. Created by artist Tony Horneker, the dinner took place in a remarkable, fairy tale gypsy panto style, ramshackle construction down a back alley in Dalston. A Man to Pet performed in between courses. It was magical. I never want to go to a normal restaurant again. There was even a foam party disco bit before the pudding.

I Would Rather Go Blind

Just done a playlab at Graeae theatre co, workshopping a thing for me and Tim Gebbels to act in (working title above). Carissa Lynch the lit manager set it up and Amit Sharma, the associate director, told us what to do.  I’ve got to read through the transcription of our conversations and digest what came out of the last two days but  it was very interesting, different, and more! I’m very excited about the story. Here are some blurry photos of one of the improvisations. Check out Graeae blog about it here.

Tim and Sophie, having a sit down and a chat.

Tim looking one way and Sophie the other

Dragonfly – Radio 4 play

Still pinching myself about being allowed to act in a Katie Hims play last week. I’ve been a massive fan of Katie’s virtuoso radio scripts since meeting her on a course last year.

The play is called Dragonfly and airs on 3rd October 2.15pm on Radio 4 (directed by the lovely Sue Roberts). The recording was hugely enjoyable and engrossing and the script was dead funny and moving. It was the first time I’ve worked with David Bower, a very talented actor. We recorded at old BBC drama studios in Manchester, just before the transfer to the new Salford site.

Katie Hims and David Bower
Katie Hims (writer) and David Bower (actor)
David Bower (actor) and Sophie Woolley in radio drama studio
David Bower and me