Following My Heart

My live interview with Siyaziwa is on Periscope TV and at the Turner Contemporary Gallery Margate this Saturday 21 November.

Siyaziwa group photo
Left to right: Ncediwe Nama, Wendy Mphahlwa, Nosizwe Dumo, Nozuko Ndlwana, Mfundo Tafeti, Velisa Jara.

Siyaziwa – a Cape Town group of LGBTIQ radio reporters-turned-actors – will be talking about their audio drama, ‘Kwa Ntliziyondise’ (Following My Heart) created at Children’s Radio Foundation.

The interview is part of a day of performance, screenings and interviews curated by the Waugh Office as part the TC Risk exhibition. Watch live and local on the big screen at the Turner Contemporary or watch online.

Siyaziwa in action
1) Download the Periscope TV app to your phone or iPad.
2) Follow @sophwoolley
3) You will receive and alert when the Interview goes live at 12pm UK time and 2pm South African time.
4) You can send us likes and comments while we are live.
5) You can watch on replay for 24 hours afterwards. ‪#‎airedeturner‬

Kwa Ntliziyondise is an audio drama (currently being recorded) based on the issues faced by gay and lesbian youth living in the township of Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa. The drama is an inclusive project created, written and performed by a group of youth from different parts of Khayelitsha selected through a process facilitated by Health4Men and Free Gender. The audio drama will offer a space to gay and lesbian youth to voice their experiences and create stories that personify their dreams, fears and aspirations. The series aims to foster greater understanding and tolerance for a way of life that isn’t easily accepted in the community. Through authentic representation of the challenges of LGBTI youth the series will open up a space for reflection, empathy and action towards reducing stigma and discrimination.

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