Dragonfly – Radio 4 play

Still pinching myself about being allowed to act in a Katie Hims play last week. I’ve been a massive fan of Katie’s virtuoso radio scripts since meeting her on a course last year.

The play is called Dragonfly and airs on 3rd October 2.15pm on Radio 4 (directed by the lovely Sue Roberts). The recording was hugely enjoyable and engrossing and the script was dead funny and moving. It was the first time I’ve worked with David Bower, a very talented actor. We recorded at old BBC drama studios in Manchester, just before the transfer to the new Salford site.

Katie Hims and David Bower
Katie Hims (writer) and David Bower (actor)
David Bower (actor) and Sophie Woolley in radio drama studio
David Bower and me

10 thoughts on “Dragonfly – Radio 4 play”

  1. Thanks so much to you and David Bower for a lovely, moving and truely heartfelt performance in Dragonfly. Just mopping down my mascara before the kids get back from school. Beautiful. The play not my mashed up face!

  2. Just listened to it as it was the podcast Play of the Week.

    What an unexpectedly moving story; I put it on in the background to help me get to sleep, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

    Such a moving story. Much less black & white characters than is often the case: started off hating the guy, but by the end I really felt for him. The characters in the story were complicated, and a bit unpredictable. They felt very real. The story felt real.

    Glad there’s a signed version that I can suggest to my Deaf mates. (Been ages since I signed, the only practise I get is with other hearing mates in pubs or when having ‘private’ conversations, I really must drop myself in the deep end and go along to Derby Rammies sometime, I never quite passed level 2 though and am really rubbish!)

  3. I listened to the firdt 10 minutes of this wonderful play before my lunch break at work and returned to find it taken off air….where can i down load it to listen to the full version….It was simply the best play i have heard in months, Brilliant.

  4. Thanks you very much contributing to the play. This is the first one I have heard on Radio 4 and even though I am a tough grown up man, I was choking inside. It was the type of thing that makes you realise what life, the past and missed opportunities are all about.

    Thanks again

  5. I listened to Dragonfly yesterday and was so deeply moved. Between the writing, the content and the execution it is a wholly satisfying work of art. The story and characters were both so well drawn, and believable and the acting was pitch perfect. Thank you to all who participated. I just wish there were an easier way to share past Play of the Week podcasts. I wanted a friend to have a listen to this but short of burning a CD of it, I don’t get how. Any suggestions?


    Brooklyn, NY

  6. I download the play of the week because it’s difficult for me to listen to plays live because of my hectic work schedule and the time difference between Mexico and the UK but I had to spend 3 hours travelling to Mexico City at the weekend so had the luxury of being able to close my eyes and be transported to another world. I just wanted to say how much Dragonfly stood out and stirred me emotionally and will have a lasting impression. I think this one is a keeper which I will be able to listen to again in the future. Great work from all involved – thanks!

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