Everyday white supremacy

I’ve been told this spoof is a bit too believable and to ‘be careful’. But I think it needs doing.

In the last few years, I’ve heard a good few white supremacist* views, often presented as ‘facts’. As a British person abroad, guest house owners often give me racist advice. This advice tells me something about the host, rather than being useful information. It also tells me something shameful about the British travellers that came before me.

To cut a long story short, I made this sketch, called The New Colonialist, about a British immigrant in Cape Town.

I’m aware there is more to a place than inequality and racism (I’ve heard that line a few times in Cape Town), and yes, I know there IS crime in South Africa; but it would be odd for me as a satirist, not to write something in about the disturbing absurdities of everyday white supremacy, happening seemingly everywhere right now, all the time.

*Without getting deep into intersectional definitions here, I say ‘white supremacy’ because most people don’t consider themselves racist. But no one can deny that white people are extra privileged.


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